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Landscaping Services


Landscaping Services

  • We offer a wide range of landscaping services, including:
    • Hardscaping: This includes the installation of walkways, patios, driveways, and retaining walls.
    • Softscaping: This includes the planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground cover.
    • Irrigation: This includes the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.
    • Snow removal: This includes snow removal from driveways, sidewalks, and patios.

Excavation Services

Docks-N-Moor is a full-service excavation company that specializes in residential and commercial projects. We have been in business for over 20 years and have a team of experienced and qualified excavators.

Docks-N-Moor offers a wide range of excavation services, including:

  • Site preparation for new construction
  • Foundation excavation
  • Road Building
  • Demolition
  • Landscaping
  • Drainage
  • And more
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Retaining Walls

At Docks-N-Moor we offer a variety of retaining wall styles, including:

    • Dry-stacked stone walls: These walls are made up of individual stones that are stacked without any mortar.
    • Concrete block walls: These walls are made up of concrete blocks that are stacked and held together with mortar.
    • Steel retaining walls: These walls are made up of steel panels that are anchored into the ground.
  • We use high-quality materials and construction methods.
  • We are experienced in building retaining walls in a variety of soils and conditions.
  • We take safety precautions to protect their employees and the public.
  • We are committed to providing quality work that will last for years to come.
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